We Are Marshall scene analysis

As soon as I read the assignment description, I thought of this scene from We Are Marshall. It gets me every. single. time.

After reading the articles and watching the “Every Frame a Painting” videos, it was easy to understand why this scene gets me so emotional. Every single angle in these scenes is purposeful and meant in a way to appeal to the emotions of the viewer. This is especially true when the camera singles out people who were incredibly affected by the tragedy that occurred.

To make this video essay, I chose to use iMovie, which I have used before to make  video essay in another class. First, I found the clip I wanted to use on YouTube. Then, I downloaded the clip to my computer using http://en.savefrom.net/ …seems a little sketchy but it worked. Next I downloaded the clip into iMovie, and recorded over about half of the 2 minute clip.

This assignment was pretty good, but difficult for me because I am not very good at analyzing films. I do not love watching movies in the first place, and when I do watch I take them for face value. I have very little interesting in analyzing every bit of a movie. However, the videos and articles we reviewed were interesting and helpful for the next time I watch a movie.

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  1. There are add-ons for Firefox that let you download clips from Youtube, which may be a little less sketchy than some of the sites out there. You can also see rating and usage statistics for them, which can help you evaluate their reliability.

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