the story of kenya using storify

storify: kenya

My next assignment was to create a storify using several social media sites. It was marked as 2.5 stars, but I would argue I used 3 stars of work due to the amount of time it took and how many photos and tweets I put in it. I chose to use my Twitter and Instagram to tell the story of my Kenya trip I took in June.

The website was glitchy (things were not loading properly) so it took a while and a lot of patience, but I had a lot of fun with the assignment. I love going back and looking at pictures from the trip. I tried to put everything in chronological order, using photos from friends who also went on the trip. I also added tweets that I wrote over the course of the two weeks I was there.

It was really fun to tell a story using two separate social media sites, and I really enjoyed using the site. I hope to use it again!


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