The Best of ds106

My all time favorite assignment anyone has ever done is Emily’s b-flat assignment. She took YMCA by the Village People and flattened it, and it is hysterical. I honestly enjoy it more than the normal version. She did a great job with this assignment, especially considering it was one of her first assignments ever for this class!

Another awesome assignment was Corey’s song mixing assignment. I think this was great because you could tell it took SO much effort, and I like this song. Sometimes when I start an assignment that I think it going to be too hard, I automatically just switch to another assignment, so I admire that he stuck with it and created this awesome mix.

The last “best” assignment was Emily’s Benny & the jets assignment. I wanted to do this assignment, but I was too embarrassed, so I appreciate that she went out of her comfort zone and posted it anyways!!


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