Reflecting on Sound

Sound is an incredibly important aspect of all types of storytelling. Whether it be audio or visual, sound is almost a necessity for a successful story. Sound clues the audience in on how they should react to a certain scene or situation. It can also give clues to what is going to happen next. For example, in scary movies they might play suspenseful music before something pops out. In dramas they might play somber music during a sad scene. Sound is necessary to set the intended atmosphere or mood of a story.

One example of a film creating a suspenseful/creepy mood is in “Sinister.” Before every scary part, there is creepy music or eery sounds in the background:

Another example is in sad scenes, where many movies play slow, emotional music to set a sorrowful atmosphere:

Another example of audio storytelling is the Moon Graffiti podcast. The podcast did a really good job using voices and sound effects to make the whole thing very realistic. They used their voices to set the mood and atmosphere, which is suspenseful.




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