Radio Show Update

Week 1 of production of our Memes radio show went well! We created a Google doc because we were not able to meet in person this week, but hopefully we can meet up over the weekend or early next week to create a more solid game plan. There are 4 of us in the group, so our show will most likely be around 24 minutes long, which is somewhat intimidating because that seems really long.

In our Google doc we discussed the memes we are going to look at and what about the memes we will try to figure out. For example, we are going to be looking at the Harambe meme and we are going to look back to how that meme came into being and how it kind of went out of control.

Personally, I made a few assignments that can be used with our show. I made a bumper, a fictional commercial, and a flyer. It is nice to already have some parts of the show already finished.

Next week we will need to split up parts and discuss ways for our show to flow. We also need to begin researching the background of memes we will be discussing. I am excited about our show and I think it will be fun to produce!

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