14359863_10210852861027258_761944583_o–Start time

14329359_10210852861067259_758046024_o–Get close! Photograph an ordinary object from as close as you can manage

14393327_10210852860467244_785559641_o–Take a picture that represents wildness

14316061_10210852860987257_1226798214_o–Two contrasting things (black & white)

14329108_10210852860427243_783907124_o–Perfect lines

14359824_10210852860507245_312034269_o–What does disappointment look like?

14393185_10210852860947256_971182978_o-1–Take a picture of a printed newspaper

14375200_10210852859067209_792494196_o–Make a creative photo of a fence or wall

14315576_10210852859027208_413748153_o–Get a shot of something in motion

14359901_10210852859147211_364943752_o–Take a photo of something representing 100

14339961_10210852859187212_640411925_o–Take a photo of something musical

14339976_10210852859347216_1956489847_o–Take a photograph with your camera at floor level

14339317_10210852859387217_909351468_o–Take a picture of someone holding a photo of themselves when they were younger

14374793_10210852859427218_1665260089_o–Take a photo of some rocks

14375302_10210852859467219_1575469775_o–Gauges, meters, and turn signals are all indicators

14315621_10210852859827228_939442665_o–Take a photo of a pet

14315517_10210852859987232_1090241817_o–Take a photo with a lot of yellow

14340096_10210852860187237_437810463_o–Doors can be very creative

14339246_10210852860227238_1858660713_o–Take a photo with the sky being the main subject of the photo

14375212_10210852860307240_820577383_o–Take a photo that reminds you of your childhood


20 minutes later–done! I had some trouble with finding some pictures to take, but it definitely stretched my imagination. 20 minutes felt like longer than I thought it would, but I got most of it done.

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