Look at me meow

For my first assignment, I chose to be courageous and try to take selfies with my roommate’s cat. Here is the link to the assignment, a 3 star visual assignment: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/selfie-with-your-pet/

It started out great, with a classic mirror pic.


However, when I tried to get an actual selfie, things turned ugly quick.

image3Let it be known that this cat and I have never gotten along.




I chose this assignment because I thought it might be good for me and Piper, but apparently I was wrong. She knows I hate her, and she hates me too. I thought this photo set accurately depicts the relationship between me and my most-despised roommate. I am most definitely a dog person.

The process of making this assignment was pretty simple and straight forward, I just had to decide what kind of pictures to take. However, once I picked the cat up there wasn’t much I could control about how the pictures turned out. I added the pictures to flickr, then posted them on this post and voila.

5 thoughts on “Look at me meow”

  1. This is so great! I’m glad you were able to bond with your roommate’s cat and be confident with your selfies! #impressed

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