Final Radio Show Update!

We finished up our 26 minute long radio show last night! I thought I was going to hate doing this project, but it ended up being really fun. I was expecting for my computer to explode or something, but I ended up having no issues while recording and mixing the show.

We met earlier this week to discuss what we wanted our show to sound like. We decided that we wanted to make an entertaining show that also explains what memes are and where the heck they come from. Our group chose two memes each to research and explain, and I think it is so fun to listen to.

The two memes I chose to talk about were Harambe and “ain’t nobody got time for that.” I actually learned a lot about where they came from and why they got so popular. I also chose to use sound bits while talking about my memes because I thought it was a good way to bring memes into the radio. Thankfully, I made a commercial and some bumpers last week so I only had to record my memes bits, which didn’t take long at all!

My group members emailed me their commercials, bumpers, and segments and then me and Corey mixed it at the HCC last night. First we came up with the order we wanted it in, then we chose background music, and then we cut and pasted everything in order on Audacity. We listened through the whole show and cut things that were unnecessary, added some effects, and just made sure it sounded good. It was time consuming, but not that difficult.

A website that was super helpful was I was amazed at how much time and effort people put into researching memes, but I was very thankful because everything I needed for this project was on this site. This project taught me that time consuming/group projects can actually be enjoyable!

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