Clown PSA from Chief of Police

For my first audio assignment, I created a fictional radio ad worth 4.5 stars that could be played during our broadcast. I chose to do an ad about this because of the creepy a$$ clowns that have been terrorizing the country, and there was one on my street yesterday. I am not happy with it.

Because there has been clown sightings in Fredericksburg, I chose to have the ad coming from our police chief, David Nye. I used to Fredericksburg Police Station website to find his name, so hopefully he is okay with that.

Next, I recorded my message on Audacity and changed the pitch to about a -15% change. I then used   and searched for “commercial background music,” which is where I found “Goodnight” by TexasMusicForge. I inserted background music on Audacity and lowered the volume, and then saved it all together for my ad.

The assignment was pretty simple because I enjoy using Audacity, and I have some experience with it now!

4 thoughts on “Clown PSA from Chief of Police”

  1. This would have been more amusing with some kind of circus music in the background. Your voice is also a bit too quiet and your microphone has a lot of background noise. Have you tried using Audacity’s built in noise reduction tool to fix it? It’s pretty funny that you used an actual police chief’s name in this ad. Hopefully he thinks it’s funny too.

    One a side note, these clown stories are hurting my sole because I love clowns and now I have to leave my grease paint and juggling clubs in the drawer or else people will think I’m a terrorist or something.

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