Another assignment I chose was worth 3.5 stars and was called 4 lines, 5 dots, 1 curve: where I had to draw a picture using 4 lines, 5 dots, and 1 curve.

First, I sketched a few ideas in my planner before drawing it on my computer.


Once I was sure that I followed the directions, I had to find somewhere to paint online because my computer does not have a paint program on it. I googled “paint online” and found a website called Paint Online, where I created my masterpiece:



I call it Me in the Summertime. Because there is sunshine and I am smiling.

I think the hardest part of this assignment was thinking of something to draw that matched the instructions. The rest was pretty easy, even if my picture isn’t that great!

One thought on “Art”

  1. You don’t really have to match the instructions. You can creatively reinterpret just about anything. The assignments are all about creativity, not about doing them “right.”

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