Analyzing Photos



Here is an example of contrast, which I found on flickr from Theophilos Papadopoulos. It has a near and far perspective, with the fishing nets up from and then the boats in the water in the background. The colors also contrast, because up front is a very noticeable orange while everything in the background is blue/gray.



This is an example of perspective because it was taken from above. The photo if from flickr and it was taken by M.G.N. I don’t really notice any perspectives of lines because it was taken from above.



This photo is from flickr and was taken by Verma Varun. I immediately thought of depth when I saw it because it looks like this hallway never ends. The background is blurred so it looks like it keeps going.



This photo is from flicker from Leydi_. It features flowers focused in the background, with a large field, frees, the sky and clouds in the background. I don’t think it’s the most creative picture but it is a good example for foreground/background.



I found this picture on flickr from Elena Penkova. The lighting is incredible and there are very few shadows. I searched “golden hour” in the search bar and came up with a lot of great photos.



This is from flickr by Nathan Congleton. It is a very creative and well thought out shot, I especially like the placement of the camera.


This was pretty tough for an unartistic person like me, but I tried my best!! Shoutout to Google for explaining these terms to me.

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