Weekly Summary

  1. Tutorial
  2. Mashup assignments: me mashup ; holiday mashup ; yonce mashup Remix assignments: best friend remix ; socks remix

This week was good! I really enjoyed making the mashups and getting to reuse the stuff that I worked so hard on in the past. I also enjoyed making the tutorial, although it was kind of difficult writing down every single little step. I know it will be helpful to someone in the future!

Weekly Summary

Another week is done! After the radio show it was nice to go back and reflect on stuff we have accomplished in 8 weeks. I am definitely learning a lot and becoming more creative. Here is what I have created this week:

  1. Radio Listen
  2. Best of ds106
  3. Web Storytelling
  4. Connected Daily Creates
  5. Web Assignments: Target Way Back ; Storifying Kenya ; Hamilton on Social Media

This was a pretty good week. My favorite thing was making fake social media accounts for Alexander Hamilton because it was super fun. My least favorite thing was the web storytelling because it took me forever to come up with an idea, but I think the idea I came up with ended up being a pretty funny story.

Weekly Summary

This week was good! It was nice that we only really had to worry about finishing up our radio show, which went better than expected. You can read about the project more in depth here.

The hardest part of this week was just kind of deciding where to start with the show, but once we planned it out and started recording it worked really well. My group and I worked well together and making the show was a lot of fun, and a lot less stressful than I thought it would be. Here is the finished show:

Lastly, here are my 2 DCs:

Weekly Summary

This week was good because we mostly just worked on radio show stuff. Here is what I created this week:

  1. Progress
  2. Memes flyer
  3. Fictional commercialOnomotopoeiasMemes bumper



My favorite thing I did this week was brainstorm for our radio show. I’m glad we finally decided on a topic and I think we are going to have a lot of fun with it.

The most difficult assignment I did this week was the fictional commercial, just because it took a while to get the words right, the right music, as well as changing my voice. I am looking forward to making our radio station next week!


Weekly Summary

This week was alright for me. It would have been more fun, but I have been dealing with my flooded basement so I put off a lot of work until today, which was stressful. Here is everything I did this week:

  1. Thinking about design
  2. Design Blitz
  3. Show Your Work 2.0
  4. Daily Creates:

5. What is ds106? ; event advertisement ; Missing Person Ad ; Four icons, one story


My favorite activity this week was the 4 icons, one story because it was challenging, but really got me thinking about how to narrow down a story to 4 icons. It was fun reading comments on it too.

Weekly Summary

This week went pretty well! I have never used Audacity before, but after a few tries recording and editing, I got the hang of it.

  1. Reflecting on Sound
  2. Daily Creates

3. Audio assignments: Good morning ; Welcome to McDonald’s, may I take your order? ; Morning at the Office ; You have the wrong number

4. Radio Show Ideas

5. Radio bumper

The most difficult assignment I did this week was “You have the wrong number,” and my favorite assignment was “Morning at the Office.” Both required the use of Audacity.

Weekly Summary #3

  1. Me + Photography
  2. Analyzing Photos
  3. Visual Assignments: Queen B + Jay-Z ; Cat-Breading ; Art ; The Feels
  4. Daily Creates

5. Photoblitz

This week was my favorite week so far! I think I am finally getting in the swing of things in terms of daily creates, commenting, etc. My favorite assignment this week was adding text to my photo of me and my brothers because it meant a lot to me and the same and the pictures are really important to me. I had some trouble finding pictures to take during the photo blitz, but it was cool to have a chance to really get creative and think outside the box.

Weekly Summary

This week went better than expected! To be honest I am a little bit of a grandma when it comes to technology and this class made me pretty nervous, but the instructions and tutorials are great. However, I’m pretty upset that we are using Domains of One’s Own because it is my least favorite thing in this world (sorry). I use it for a lot of classes and nothing ever goes right…but maybe it will be okay this time.

I struggled in the beginning with adding a subdomain on DoOO, but once that was figured out everything else was pretty simple. I enjoyed making my introductions on various social media sites, and I thought it was crazy how easy it was to embed them into Word Press. Here is the link to my blog post with introductions:


Pretty excited to see what else we do in the following weeks!