Opinions on Socks

For another assignment, I got some information about socks. My assignment was to interview people off guard about their opinions on a subject and record their reactions. I interviewed some friends tonight and recorded their reactions, and I was not disappointed.

First, I recorded everyone I wanted to interview on my iPhone, I was surprised at how good the quality was. Then I downloaded all of the clips on my computer and loaded them into iMovie. I decided to make the theme a newsreel. I put the clips in order from least to most funny. I also chose transitions and title screens after putting the clips in order.

I got pretty frustrated at one point because I wanted music to play in the background, but I could not figure out how to lower the background volume and turn up the video. It should have been a pretty easy Google, but I lost patience and gave up on the music. I think it turned out alright without it. This was very time consuming but fun.