The Internet

  1. The true promise of Interactive Computing: Leveraging our Collective IQ

This article was all about using the internet to collectively add to our knowledge as a society. The author wrote about obstacles that are keeping people to learning more using the internet, and what needs to be in place so the internet and the information it has to provide is more accessible to everyone. I thought this was a cool article because my favorite thing about the internet is that it brings people together and can implement a level playing field, and the author brings forth some really interesting points on how to create a more informed and smarter society using the internet.

2. For me, the internet is the great equalizer. In today’s society, the internet has moved from a want to a need. In jobs, school, and everyday life, the internet has become a necessity. As a future educator, I love that the internet can help my future students connect to people and places that they may never see. The internet allows us to connect to cultures and experiences that we would never experience at home, and it also gives us a chance to learn more and more.

3. Question 1: What are some negative impacts, if any, the internet has had on society?

Question 2: What is in store for the future of the web?