“If I were a single lady”

For my next assignment, I create a song mashup, but I changed the rules a bit. Instead of using 2 or 3 seconds of 5 songs, I used 10 seconds of 2 songs to make a mashup. I used 2 Beyonce songs to mash together.

First, I imported the two songs into Audacity. Then I opened another Audacity project to paste the parts of the song I cut from the originals. I chose the fade out option under effects to make the parts flow together better. It was pretty simple!

Favorite Holidays

For my next assignment, I created a holiday mashup. My two favorite holidays are my birthday and Christmas, so I mashed the two up:


To create this assignment, I used Photoshop. I downloaded the Santa Claus picture from pnglng.com, and then I added some birthday clipart throughout the picture. The process was pretty simple, and I have definitely gotten comfortable with Photoshop.