Weekly Summary #3

  1. Me + Photography
  2. Analyzing Photos
  3. Visual Assignments: Queen B + Jay-Z ; Cat-Breading ; Art ; The Feels
  4. Daily Creates

5. Photoblitz

This week was my favorite week so far! I think I am finally getting in the swing of things in terms of daily creates, commenting, etc. My favorite assignment this week was adding text to my photo of me and my brothers because it meant a lot to me and the same and the pictures are really important to me. I had some trouble finding pictures to take during the photo blitz, but it was cool to have a chance to really get creative and think outside the box.


14359863_10210852861027258_761944583_o–Start time

14329359_10210852861067259_758046024_o–Get close! Photograph an ordinary object from as close as you can manage

14393327_10210852860467244_785559641_o–Take a picture that represents wildness

14316061_10210852860987257_1226798214_o–Two contrasting things (black & white)

14329108_10210852860427243_783907124_o–Perfect lines

14359824_10210852860507245_312034269_o–What does disappointment look like?

14393185_10210852860947256_971182978_o-1–Take a picture of a printed newspaper

14375200_10210852859067209_792494196_o–Make a creative photo of a fence or wall

14315576_10210852859027208_413748153_o–Get a shot of something in motion

14359901_10210852859147211_364943752_o–Take a photo of something representing 100

14339961_10210852859187212_640411925_o–Take a photo of something musical

14339976_10210852859347216_1956489847_o–Take a photograph with your camera at floor level

14339317_10210852859387217_909351468_o–Take a picture of someone holding a photo of themselves when they were younger

14374793_10210852859427218_1665260089_o–Take a photo of some rocks

14375302_10210852859467219_1575469775_o–Gauges, meters, and turn signals are all indicators

14315621_10210852859827228_939442665_o–Take a photo of a pet

14315517_10210852859987232_1090241817_o–Take a photo with a lot of yellow

14340096_10210852860187237_437810463_o–Doors can be very creative

14339246_10210852860227238_1858660713_o–Take a photo with the sky being the main subject of the photo

14375212_10210852860307240_820577383_o–Take a photo that reminds you of your childhood


20 minutes later–done! I had some trouble with finding some pictures to take, but it definitely stretched my imagination. 20 minutes felt like longer than I thought it would, but I got most of it done.

The Feels

For my last assignment I chose a 2 star visual assignment called My Favorite Lyric. I immediately thought of my favorite song, Murder in the City by the Avett Brothers.

My favorite lyric in the song is referring to his family, when he sings: “Always remember there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share a name.” This song always reminds me of my family, so I chose to edit a picture of me and my brothers.

First, I chose a picture of us from last year that I really like. Then I googled “add text to photo” and found a website called Add Text. I inserted the picture then added the lyrics, changed the font, and positioned the text. It was pretty simple and I like how it turned it out:



Another assignment I chose was worth 3.5 stars and was called 4 lines, 5 dots, 1 curve: where I had to draw a picture using 4 lines, 5 dots, and 1 curve.

First, I sketched a few ideas in my planner before drawing it on my computer.


Once I was sure that I followed the directions, I had to find somewhere to paint online because my computer does not have a paint program on it. I googled “paint online” and found a website called Paint Online, where I created my masterpiece:



I call it Me in the Summertime. Because there is sunshine and I am smiling.

I think the hardest part of this assignment was thinking of something to draw that matched the instructions. The rest was pretty easy, even if my picture isn’t that great!


I chose to do a goofy, 1 star visual assignment called: cat breading. All I had to do was frame a cat’s face with a slice of bread, which proved to be harder than expected.

I think I have mentioned before that this cat and I do not get along, and this assignment did not help matters. I tried to do it by myself, but ended up recruiting the help of a roommate. We went through 2 slices of bread before realizing that my cat’s face is too big to be entirely framed by a piece of bread, so we had to be creative.

Here is the process of framing Piper’s face in bread:

image1-2 Resisting…..

image2-1Still resisting……

image3-1The finished product. What a cat model.

Although this did not turn out how it was supposed to, it was still really funny and she does have bread framing her face.


Queen B + Jay-Z

My first visual assignment is called “Me and Bae” which is worth 2.5 stars. Here’s me and my “bae” as Beyonce and Jay-Z.


I used Face in Hole because I have used it before and it’s very simple to use. As soon as I read the assignment I knew that I had to use Beyonce & Jay-Z because who doesn’t want to be Beyonce?? The internet literally allows us to be anyone we want to be, and I want to be Beyonce.


Analyzing Photos



Here is an example of contrast, which I found on flickr from Theophilos Papadopoulos. It has a near and far perspective, with the fishing nets up from and then the boats in the water in the background. The colors also contrast, because up front is a very noticeable orange while everything in the background is blue/gray.



This is an example of perspective because it was taken from above. The photo if from flickr and it was taken by M.G.N. I don’t really notice any perspectives of lines because it was taken from above.



This photo is from flickr and was taken by Verma Varun. I immediately thought of depth when I saw it because it looks like this hallway never ends. The background is blurred so it looks like it keeps going.



This photo is from flicker from Leydi_. It features flowers focused in the background, with a large field, frees, the sky and clouds in the background. I don’t think it’s the most creative picture but it is a good example for foreground/background.



I found this picture on flickr from Elena Penkova. The lighting is incredible and there are very few shadows. I searched “golden hour” in the search bar and came up with a lot of great photos.



This is from flickr by Nathan Congleton. It is a very creative and well thought out shot, I especially like the placement of the camera.


This was pretty tough for an unartistic person like me, but I tried my best!! Shoutout to Google for explaining these terms to me.

Me + Photography

I love taking pictures, but I don’t think I would classify myself as a “photographer.” I take a lot of pictures for Instagram…whether it be pictures of myself with friends, my dog, or an experience I am having. I love taking and having pictures because it reminds me of that day, event, moment, etc. I always print pictures out and I have a ton of pictures around my room.

Whenever I take pictures, I never really think about how or why I am taking a picture. I don’t try to portray any type of meaning, but that might be because I have never really tried taking pictures for artistic purposes. I really liked the articles because it talked about using photography as a “narrative,” or a story. I chose to tell a story using pictures and maps in one of my assignments last week: 30,000 miles in 3 weeks. It was really fun telling the story and adding pictures so people could follow along and understand my story better.

After reviewing the articles, I think something that will help me with my photography skills are being intentional with the pictures I am taking. I need to slow down and take in my surroundings before just snapping a picture really quickly. I think that taking notice of the background and slowing down would really be beneficial for my photography.

Look at me meow

For my first assignment, I chose to be courageous and try to take selfies with my roommate’s cat. Here is the link to the assignment, a 3 star visual assignment: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/selfie-with-your-pet/

It started out great, with a classic mirror pic.


However, when I tried to get an actual selfie, things turned ugly quick.

image3Let it be known that this cat and I have never gotten along.




I chose this assignment because I thought it might be good for me and Piper, but apparently I was wrong. She knows I hate her, and she hates me too. I thought this photo set accurately depicts the relationship between me and my most-despised roommate. I am most definitely a dog person.

The process of making this assignment was pretty simple and straight forward, I just had to decide what kind of pictures to take. However, once I picked the cat up there wasn’t much I could control about how the pictures turned out. I added the pictures to flickr, then posted them on this post and voila.

30,000 miles in 3 weeks

For my final assignment, I chose a 3 star web assignment and I’m going to tell a story using Google maps. Here is the link: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/google-map-trip/

My story begins on June 16, 2016. I was traveling to Kenya with Young Life with 2 friends, Shannon and Josh, from Roanoke, Virginia. Our flight was leaving Atlanta, Georgia the following day so we decided to take a Mega Bus down to Atlanta to save some $$$.

Josh was coming from Lexington, VA about an hour away from us. When he was getting ready to leave, his car wouldn’t start. Luckily, he had someone jump it for him and we made it to the Mega Bus stop with 10 minutes to spare.


While we were waiting for the bus, we met a man hiking the Appalachian Trail who taught us how to play the noseflute. He told us to call him Noseflute.


We waited for the bus…and waited…and waited…and waited…….for 2 hours. The bus was broken down in Northern VA and wasn’t going to be there for another 2 hours, so we hiked across the highway to a Country Cookin’ and ate lunch with a random girl that was our age we met at the bus stop.


The bus arrived 2 hours later, then promptly broke down again. We waited another hour, then decided to just drive to Atlanta.


We took our new friend Lauren to Knoxville on the way. My mom was concerned that I was giving a stranger a ride to Tennessee, but it turned out to be okay. We began the trek Knoxville and the morale was high.


After dropping Lauren off in Knoxville, we were all exhausted, but we still had 3.5 hours until Atlanta, so we trucked along.


We FINALLY arrived in Atlanta around 1:30 am, 7 hours later than the rest of our team that we were meeting. The next morning, we ate a very nutritious breakfast of Chik-fil-a chicken biscuits and headed to the airport. Our first flight was from Atlanta to Paris.


I spent this flight squished in the middle seat between two large men who did not speak English. Also I would like to take this moment to thank Dramamine for saving my life and keeping me from throwing up for 8.5 hours.

We landed in Paris, where everyone was really mean, and I was very grumpy.

Next we flew to our destination: Nairobi, Kenya.


We arrived in Africa around 10 pm, and went straight to the house we were staying in and slept like babies.

The next 10 days were full of serving the community and hard work, and it was the absolute best. More about that another time. That’s not what this story is about.


So our way back was exactly the way we came: from Nairobi to Paris, then Paris to Atlanta. This time the flights were longer.


For some reason Josh and I got split up from the rest of our group in Paris and our flight left significantly earlier than everyone else’s. We landed with 40 minutes to get through security and board our next plane. We sprinted around the Paris airport (again, everyone there were mean and did not help us) and barely made our flight back to the U.S.


So after 17 hours of flying I figured: “what the heck, what’s another 7 hour drive?” I was wrong. It ended up being 9 hours back to VA and I have never been so tired in my life.


Okay, back in good ole’ Southwest Virginia. At this point I am severely jet lagged and was very unpleasant to be around. However, my best friend is getting married in the spring and her wedding dress appointment just so happened to be 2 days after I got back to Kenya. So I traveled up to DC with her for the day.


(If you look close enough you can see the very impressive bags under my eyes)


Back to Roanoke…


Okay, time to rest, right? Nope. The day after I got back from DC, I hopped on a plane and went to Seattle to visit my boyfriend, who was over there for an internship.


I spent a week in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where my body was incredibly confused/angry with me and all the time changes I was going through. I also had strep throat so that was fun too. Almost done traveling…

seattle se


My story ends with one more drive, from Roanoke to Fredericksburg, VA so I could start my job the following day.


So that’s the long, drawn out story of how I traveled 28,481 miles in a span of 3 and a half weeks. I would not recommend it, but it was a pretty cool summer.



I had way too much fun with this assignment. I simply entered my travels into google maps, took a screenshot (Shift, Command, 4) and entered them into the post! Although it was relatively simple, it was incredibly time consuming. I think what took me the longest was calculating how many miles I traveled. I loved this assignment because it reminded me of how incredible my summer was, and it really made me wish I was not back in school. I love how the internet allows me to share this story, the miles I have traveled, and the pictures I took.