Tutorial: playing a video in reverse in iMovie

This week I’m going to show you all how to play a video in reverse on iMovie. It is very simple!

First, import your video into iMovie. You can do this by going to “File” at the drop, then scroll over “Import” and click on “Movies…” Click on your video in import it.


Once your video is imported, you will click on the “+” button to create a new project. Name it if you would like.


If you don’t want to use your whole video, click and drag on the video to select the parts of the clip you want. Press command+C to copy and command+V to paste it in your new project.

Once you have your video pasted in the project section, you can reverse the video. Hover your mouse over the clip in the project section and click on the settings button in the bottom left corner of the clip.


Press clip adjustments.


Check the “Reverse” box, then click done.

That’s it! Check out my reversed video:



Weekly Summary

This week was definitely better than last week! I am getting used to iMovie and am more comfortable making video assignments. I think I did a better job this week of using the assignments to tell stories, rather than just to get stars. Check out my work from this week:


Running in reverse

Where my shoes take me

Slow motion fall

Daily Creates:

Usain Bolt losing a race!?

For my last assignment, I chose a video to play in reverse. The funniest thing I could think of was to use a video of Usain Bolt running. He always wins races, but if he were to run in reverse he would lose.

First I downloaded this video and inserted it into iMovie. Then I chose the part I wanted, about 15 seconds of the video, and deleted the rest. I went into the video settings and clicked on the “reverse” box, and I also went into the audio settings and muted the video. Then I downloaded some trumpet fanfare to play in the background!

Where my shoes take me

I created an assignment this week! I rated it 4 stars, but I am going to give myself 5 stars because I came up with it 😉

The goal was to tell a story using a video of only my shoes. I told the story of my morning, and it was a lot of fun. Every time I got up to go somewhere new, I recorded 5 seconds of my steps. Then I downloaded the clips into iMovie, arranged them how I wanted them, and added the song “Morning Song” by the Lumineers (get it…it was the morning)

I also learned that you could rotate videos around in iMovie, so that was exciting. All you have to do is click the “crop” button in the video editing section and rotate it! I am definitely getting the hang of iMovie.

Here is my finished product:

Falling in Slow Motion

The funniest thing to me is watching people fall, which is slightly messed up but that’s okay. For my first assignment, I chose to remix a video of a girl being pushed off of a desk to edit.

First I found the video on YouTube, then I downloaded it online onto my computer. I imported the video into iMovie, copies the short scene that I wanted, and pasted it into a new project. I let it play all the way through and pasted it again right after to slow it down and make it black and white, which I thought added comedic effect. In order to make it seem more like a story, I added text (PS I made up the name Tia). This assignment has to do with the theme of the internet because it is a video that went completely viral.

Opinions on Socks

For another assignment, I got some information about socks. My assignment was to interview people off guard about their opinions on a subject and record their reactions. I interviewed some friends tonight and recorded their reactions, and I was not disappointed.

First, I recorded everyone I wanted to interview on my iPhone, I was surprised at how good the quality was. Then I downloaded all of the clips on my computer and loaded them into iMovie. I decided to make the theme a newsreel. I put the clips in order from least to most funny. I also chose transitions and title screens after putting the clips in order.

I got pretty frustrated at one point because I wanted music to play in the background, but I could not figure out how to lower the background volume and turn up the video. It should have been a pretty easy Google, but I lost patience and gave up on the music. I think it turned out alright without it. This was very time consuming but fun.

My Best Friend Montage

For this assignment, I made a video montage of my Beagle, Jeter. I chose him because he has been my bestie for the last 9 years and he is really cute. Enjoy.

To do this assignment, I first had to hunt for a bunch of pictures and videos of Jeter. That didn’t take long because I have a lot. Next, I imported the videos and photos into iMovie, and decided on a theme. I chose the photo album theme because it was a collection of memories through photos.

Next, I sorted the pictures into a random order. I then chose transitions and put them between the pictures. Lastly, I chose to play “You Got a Friend in Me” in the background. I downloaded the song from YouTube and put it in as background music. This assignment was time consuming because of all of the little editing details, but it was a lot of fun!