Advice for future students

If I could give one piece of advice for future ds106 students, it would be: don’t be intimidated by technology!

When I first signed up for this class and read the syllabus, I was so close to dropping the class because I was so afraid I wasn’t good enough at technology to succeed in the course. I am so glad I didn’t! Between the instructor, the tutorials, and the DKC, everyone is able to be successful in this class. It takes time and it can be frustrating, but this class was so worth it. I was challenged a ton, but I came out much more creative and open to trying new things.


This is the end

I’m officially done with ds106! Here is my final website:

This was a ton of fun to create. I got to use basically everything I’ve learned in this class and intertwined it to make a super cool website. I worked harder on these final aspects of this project than anything else in this class and I am proud of the work I have done!

This final assignment was cool because I got to create it over the period of 3 weeks. I got my footage over the course of these weeks and got to tell a story using only shoes, and it was so fun.

My favorite part of my website was the photography part. I walked up to people, whether I knew them or not, asked if I could take a picture of their shoes (they were super confused) and then asked them why they chose to wear those shoes on that day. It’s so interesting to me how much you can tell about a person from their shoes.

I hope the stories that I told through my assignments are open ended enough that people can form their own opinions about them from viewing them. None of the stories that I told have a specific “storyline,” so viewers can make with them what they wish.

Here is how I created everything:


I recorded footage of myself on a daily basis and compiled them into iMovie. I pasted my morning footage before every “day” footage, and sped it up to 800% to make things go by quicker. Once I had everything in order, I added a cover of Good Riddance because I thought it went well with the video.


For a week, I walked around campus asking people if I could take a picture of their shoes with my iPhone. I got a lot of weird looks. I also asked them why they wore those shoes, and I put their answers in the notes section of my phone. Once I had enough, I put them in a galley in a page on my website. I was really happy with this section of my project.


Using, I found a bunch of everyday sounds and used them to create an auditory story that comprised of footsteps. This one required the most time.


I created a subdomain for my website. I chose to use the new theme, which proved to be a little frustrating to edit. It is hard to get a website to look exactly the way you want it, but I think the website looks clean and nice!

I have enjoyed this class a ton and it has seriously sparked my creativity! I would recommend ds106 to anyone. Here is my advice for future students.


Final Project Update #3

I am almost done recording for my final video. It has been really hard to remember to record whenever I walk somewhere, but I think I will have enough to make a substantial video. I am going to a Christmas parade tomorrow night, so I should get some pretty cool footage then.

I will be spending my last week of this project editing photos, website, video, and another media. This should be started by Sunday at the latest. I will probably be using a WordPress blog for my website. I am excited to see how the editing goes!

Final Project Update #2

I began taping for my final project video! I started on Saturday at a Virginia Tech football game, and I got footage of people walking, jumping during Enter Sandman, and other various shots. I am pretty excited about the video. I am planning on taking videos everyday until next Saturday and then I will compile them to make a week long video.

I have not started taking pictures yet, but my plan is to begin soon using different pairs of shoes in different locations to try to tell a story with the photos. I will also start making the video this week as well.

Final Project Update #1

This week I just did some brainstorming on how I want to do my final project. Probably my favorite assignment I have done this semester was my “where my shoes take me” video:

I wanted to create something along the lines of telling a story through various media using something such as my shoes…so maybe I could make a website to put the storytelling media (video, audio, and photos). I would like to record for a week rather than a day like in my previous video, and obviously it will take longer to edit!

Weekly Summary

  1. Tutorial
  2. Mashup assignments: me mashup ; holiday mashup ; yonce mashup Remix assignments: best friend remix ; socks remix

This week was good! I really enjoyed making the mashups and getting to reuse the stuff that I worked so hard on in the past. I also enjoyed making the tutorial, although it was kind of difficult writing down every single little step. I know it will be helpful to someone in the future!

Critique of the video of the year: SOCKS

This video was simply exquisite. Everything about it screamed new age creativity. From the iPhone quality videography to the rustling and voices in the background–you could tell that this assignment was so little thought out that it was cool. The lighting–incredible. The actors–phenomenal. Overall: 10/10 would recommend.


Remix assignment:

My best friend REMIX

My first remix:

This was pretty easy because I used a video I had made for a previous assignment, and I have reversed a video before so I knew how to do all of it. I think it’s funny mostly because of the song playing backwards, and the video at the end playing backwards.

First I imported the video, then I changed the clip setting to “reverse.”

“If I were a single lady”

For my next assignment, I create a song mashup, but I changed the rules a bit. Instead of using 2 or 3 seconds of 5 songs, I used 10 seconds of 2 songs to make a mashup. I used 2 Beyonce songs to mash together.

First, I imported the two songs into Audacity. Then I opened another Audacity project to paste the parts of the song I cut from the originals. I chose the fade out option under effects to make the parts flow together better. It was pretty simple!

Favorite Holidays

For my next assignment, I created a holiday mashup. My two favorite holidays are my birthday and Christmas, so I mashed the two up:


To create this assignment, I used Photoshop. I downloaded the Santa Claus picture from, and then I added some birthday clipart throughout the picture. The process was pretty simple, and I have definitely gotten comfortable with Photoshop.